Much Ado About Stratford – Part 2

Good morning!

How are you doing? I hope your Monday was a gentle one and that you’ve got some fun of some sort on your agenda for today. I’ve got some exciting things to try for this week’s Try Something New Tuesday, but I’ll tell you all about those tomorrow. I promised you the second half of my adventures in Stratford over the weekend, and here it is!

After we finished up our strolling around by the river and foodie shopping, it was time to head to the restaurant I’d picked out for dinner, Stratford Thai Cuisine.

I stumbled across this restaurant when I was browsing some of Stratford’s tourist websites and since I love Thai food, it seemed like a good choice. It was also the first Thai restaurant on the list, and once I checked out the menu I was totally sold. My sister is vegetarian and my mum isn’t super adventurous (as in, sushi is not an option), but this menu seemed to meet everyone’s needs.

For our appetizer, the three of us split an order of cold rolls, which are pretty much the same thing as the Fresh Spring Rolls I made back in May. There were 6 pieces and they were served with 2 sauces. One tasted a bit like a black bean sauce, and the other tasted like sweet chili sauce mixed with rice vinegar. I appreciated the thinness of this sauce because it seeped down through the rolls nicely.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the rolls without the sauce. The rice papers were filled with strips of firm tofu, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, and bell peppers.  They seemed quite wet, and I didn’t detect any seasonings inside like basil, chilies, etc. Because of this, the rolls were pretty bland without the sauces. However, I still had high hopes for our main courses.

I’ll get to my dish in a second, because it deserves endless amounts of praise. First up, my sister’s Vegan Delight:

Mixed seasonal vegetable stir fried including carrots, broccoli, nappas, and spring onion in the special house sauce.

It was very well presented, and even though Christine claimed she wasn’t really hungry when we arrived, she made very short work of this one! My mum ordered the ginger beef from the wok, and I don’t even eat red meat but I’ll admit this one looked very tasty too.

Stir fried beef with ginger, mushrooms, spring onions, sweet peppers and carrots.

After I finished snapping photos and gave my dining companions the go-ahead to eat their meals, my Chilli Basil Salmon arrived. And it. was. beautiful.

Grilled salmon topped with a Thai chilli basil sauce, onions, basil leaves and sweet peppers.

Fish never disappoints me in Thai restaurants, and this was certainly no exception. In fact, I’m going to proclaim that this was the best salmon I’ve ever had in my life. Yes, in my life. What the cold spring rolls lacked in flavour was more than regained in my main course. The top of the salmon was broiled to create a lovely golden crisp crust, and the veggies on top were just lightly sauteed. The chilli basil sauce that coated the whole meal was very light but the taste was fantastic, and it meddled with the salmon juices beautifully. On the side, there was a Thai mango salad with some chillies, spring onion, dehydrated onion, and a dressing (probably rice vinegar and fish sauce).

Like the chilli basil sauce, the mango salad was a perfect light complement to the heavier, rich texture of the salmon.

The fillet was enormous, but no scrap was left behind (except for the skin of course) and felt 100% satisfied when I was finished. The flesh literally melted in my mouth and I savoured every single bite. And get this: My gorgeous meal that you see above cost a whopping $15.95. You probably couldn’t make it yourself at home for that much!! Value-for-money-wise, this restaurant was awesome. In addition to the food being phenomenal, the staff at Stratford Thai Cuisine were so friendly and prompt with our orders. I absolutely can’t wait to go back!

Ok, so after dinner – remember that play we were going to? Much Ado About Nothing? Well, I don’t have many photos to show for it other than this one of the stage:

If you’ve been to a Stratford play (or any play) before, you’ll know they’re not so keen on audience members taking pictures. After I took my sneaky iPhone pic, I sat and enjoyed the show. The costumes were really well done and as is the usual for Stratford, the Shakespeare vibe was definitely there! However, I forgot that language wasn’t so straight forward back in Shakespeare’s day, so a lot of attention was required to understand what was going on!

On Sunday we crammed in a couple more stops before my mum and Christine left. First up was church, bright and early on Sunday morning. After that, we hit my favourite breakfast spot, Cora’s, for a beautiful brunch. Christine had her eye on the strawberry topped waffles…

and mum went for the featured plate, the Berry Morning Call.

Delicious slices of Ciabatta bread dipped in French toast batter and covered with fresh berries: strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Topped with raspberry coulis and English cream Cora style.

And me being the fruit monster that I am, ordered the Samira Wake Up, otherwise known as the most enormous fruit mountain on the menu.

Did I eat it all? Mmmmm yes ma’am I did! Except that bit of grapefruit, because I really can’t stand them even though I try hard to. There was also some rye toast and an unpictured poached egg. By the time we sat down to brunch it was about 11am, and this girl needed some protein!!

And that friends, was my weekend in food. With the exception of the slightly underwhelming cold fresh rolls, it was a total winner!

So tell me:

  • What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the past week?
  • Have you discovered any hidden gem restaurants lately?

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