The Great Smokey Hollow Walk


How are you this fine Monday morning? I know I’ve said this before, but I love Monday mornings because they’re a chance to start totally fresh with positive intentions for the week. After the weekend I just had, I’m feeling pretty positive! Friday night was spent with my awesome roommate watching nothing but girly chick flicks. She was at Wal Mart browsing the DVD bins and managed to find a set of 4 chick flicks for $5, including Wimbledon and Head Over Heels. Did any other 20somethings out there else think Freddie Prinze Jr was the hottest man alive back in the 90s? He was plastered ALL OVER my room and I was pretty much convinced that one day I’d be Mrs Prinze Jr…. but that was until Sarah Michelle Gellar came along. Honestly, he should have just come up to Canada instead.

Anyways, back to the weekend! On Saturday morning I had my most flippin’ awesome Sea Wheeze training run yet. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, but lets just say it left me feeling very confident for the race on the 11th. I’d planned to be super productive in the kitchen on Saturday, churning out recipe after recipe, but by about 1pm I was exhausted! I did, however, take approximately a bazillion and two really pretty photos of some cherries. Then I took a nap.

cherries in white bowl

cherries in white bowls


4 cherries

Over to Sunday, my hiking buddy Nina and I hopped in the car and headed to the Hamilton area for another hike. This time, it was the Great Smokey Hollow Walk, which is about 5km long. As I mentioned in a previous hike recap, Hamilton is known as the City of Waterfalls and this particular route sounded ideal because it covers all of the following sights along the way:

  • Great Falls
  • Grindstone Creek
  • Bruce Trail
  • Escarpment cliffs
  • Grindstone Cascade
  • Snake and Lower Snake Falls
  • Upper Quarry Falls

It’s been a particularly dry summer here in southern Ontario, so we wondered if we’d see any water falling at all. However, we were pleasantly surprised. The first on the list, the Great Falls, were gorgeous and although not as large as some of the others I’ve seen this summer, still worth seeing.

The Great Falls, Waterdown

The Great Falls, Waterdown 2

The Great Falls, Waterdown 3

After spending some time climbing around the bottom of this waterfall, we continued along the paths. This walk covers part of the Bruce trail, and we decided to walk as far as we could in an hour, then turn around and come back to the car for a total of a 2-hour hike.

Me at the Great Falls


Our map showed the locations of the other falls that we anticipated seeing along the way, but since we never actually saw any signs apart from the one marking the Great Falls, we weren’t 100% sure that we actually saw them all. The water level looked quite low in places but there was still a lot of great scenery and good photo opportunities!

Hiking along the Bruce Trail

Mini waterfall

There wasn’t a whole lot of wildlife to be seen apart from birds and squirrels, but we did meet some very cute furry hikers along the way.


Difficulty-wise, this was a pretty easy hike with only a few sections that had steeper slopes. The Bruce Trail tree markings were clear the entire way, which was great because Nina and I have been known to get a little lost… although with my attire, I don’t think we’d have been difficult for a search party to spot.

My upcoming August weekends are super packed with activities so this will probably be my last hike until September. I have to say though, this has been one of my favourite ways to spend my afternoons this summer. I’m not a camper (unless it’s hotel camping we’re talking about), but I’m up for hiking any day!

So tell me…

  • In what ways did you get moving this weekend?

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