Waterfall Braid Tutorial

One of my favorite last-minute work hairstyles has been the waterfall braid. It keeps my hair out of my face and is a great option if I don’t have time to wash and blow-dry. A little dry shampoo, waterfall braid, freshen up the curls and G2G.

Waterfall braidIt also looks insanely complicated. 

When I first saw these braids (and the double waterfall braids: swoon!!) on Pinterest, my madre was over and I asked her to have a look.

“How in the world do you do that?!”

“Easy- you add to the top, drop the bottom and make a new piece as the bottom piece.”

My madre mystifies me with her hair knowledge. Within about 2 minutes, my hair was in a perfect waterfall braid and she explained what she did as she went along.

So I made a quick little how-to video for ya.

How to Do a Waterfall Braid on Yourself


Tips to Create Waterfall Braid

-Think of it like a sideways French braid, but instead of adding to both sides, you add to the top piece, cross it over, drop the bottom piece, and from the bottom portion of hair, you grab a small bit that will be the new bottom piece. Cross it over the middle (which will be the piece that’s dropped next).

-Perfect with straight, wavy or curly hair

-As you add to the top, smooth that piece with your hands so you don’t have funny pieces sticking out of your head

-Practice makes perfect! Practice French-braiding as the first step, which is kind of tricky to do yourself if you’re not used to it. Once you’ve got the hang of that, move on to the waterfall braid

waterfall braid tutorial

Hope this helps a little <3



Next week’s hair how-to will be how to save your hair at the gym, but please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!



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