The Ice Baller lets you drink in style

ice-ballerLife sure has its fair share of ups and downs, and during such moments, we either celebrate or mourn. For sports fans, I am quite sure when your team actually wins the league or national championship, you would hit the bars and celebrate with the rest of the fans, but if your favorite team or player loses, then there is no shame in drowning your sorrows in the nectar of the gods either. Having said that, there are times when you just want to chill out in the comfort of your home after a particularly difficult day at the office, and what better way to have your favorite “poison” to go along with the £79.99 Ice Baller?

The Ice Baller will be able to let you make striking crystal-clear ice orbs in your own home, where it claims to produce better results on a consistent basis compared to other ice ball solutions. With the Ice Baller, there no longer is any more need to purchase distilled water or boil and pre-freeze tap water, as it is capable of cooling down your drinks perfectly without introducing the element of dilution. This makes the Ice Baller as the “must-have” home barware accessory. Definitely the elegant cooling solution which is worthy of your classy beverages.
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