Double-Dog Walker Leash
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Double-Dog Walker Leash

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North Shore Outlet's Double-Dog Walker allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, while maintaining individual control of each one. The built-in untangling mechanism does all the work for you so you can enjoy your walk without stopping to untangle each of your furry friends.

  • Made with quality materials and built to last. Easily converts from 64" (when you want to give your dogs some room to sniff around) to 34" (for tight spaces or when you need more control) making this the most versatile dual dog leash available anywhere. 
  • This awesome handle provides a comfortable grip for maximum control of your dogs or puppies. Triple reinforced loop and stress points and 1/4 stainless steel connector ring give you confidence while exercising your dogs.
  • Proven to be safer for your dog’s neck (not to mention better for your arm!), our integrated short bungee tethers give your dogs a gentle reminder that they are getting to the end of leash without choking them. This innovative feature can also assist in training your dogs.
  • Swivel interface between handle, tether and leash make tangles virtually impossible. Made from safe non-toxic material so the occasional chewing will not be a problem. Reflective stitching throughout offers enhanced night time visibility.